Research Shows Medical Marijuana Does Have Benefits

Medical MarijuanaThe debate over medical marijuana has been something which has been taking place for some time. Many people are caught up on the fact if medical marijuana does have its benefits. Over the last several years many states have been progressing towards a more liberal mentality about allowing marijuana for medical reasons to be distributed.

Not to mention, approving it for distribution is massive business and people have already started to open dispensaries all over United States. On the other hand you have those states which are completely against the idea because they feel it will do more harm than provide benefits. As usual you have enormous people on both ends, but one thing has been proven time and time against with scientific proof that medical marijuana does have its benefits.

So, what are the most common? Let’s look at a few…


First, by allowing it to be sold the economy will be able to collect taxes per sale. This is important because it can definitely help add some necessary money into an economy NOT thriving. Many people have used the debate that millions of people do it anyway so why not legalize the use however it’s fair to say that people requiring it for medical reasons will be the first.

Next, think about the amount of people who will be employed if a shop opens up close by. This means less people living off government funding, etc.


It’s been proven that medical marijuana does have an effect on certain conditions. It’s widely known it can help control seizures however there are many others like nausea, cancer relief, spasm’s and slow down Parkinson disease.

Now some more research is required before conclusive reports can be published however in trial groups medical marijuana has shown amazing improvements.

General Pain Killer

There are some conditions which can’t be slowed down or even cured however medical marijuana can be used as a pain killer. Since medications all react to people differently it’s important to note that most people have responded well to marijuana as a pain killer going forward.

However, the only thing stopping government from legalizing it for pain use if drug companies who promise to tweak regular medications to provide better relief. Next, you have years of medical research that still needs to take place before any drug will be legalized in any state.